"I meet Daniela about 2 years ago at a local YMCA when I had decided I needed help in my fitness goals. I had never had a personal trainer before so I was a bit nervous of what to expect. However, the moment I met Daniela, I knew she was going to be the best person to help me with my journey. I never got tired of the same routines because she was always coming up with new challenges and workouts. I never knew what type of workout or movements she had planned. But she made the workouts fun and challenging and always inspired me to reach for new goals and personal bests. I'm so glad I took a chance and signed up for personal training sessions. She is very much responsible for giving me the extra push I needed to be where I am now in my goal setting. Daniela is a wonderful life coach, trainer and friend!"- Kristin M.

"The day of my first work-out with Daniela, I showed up with a wounded hand. On the fly, I asked her to change my work-out to avoid putting any weight on it at all. Without thinking twice, she came up with a new routine that managed to work my entire body, hands free, proving her innovative approach and creative thinking. Ever since then, I've been continuously amazed at how Daniela manages to meet me where I am and push me to go further. If I'm tired, she gets me going. If I'm pumped, she gets me going even harder. An amazing balance of compassionate, fierce and knowledgable, Daniela has improved my strength and form, but more importantly, she makes sure I know how strong I am, and that has made all the difference in my continued journey."-Marisa E., UNC Professor 

"I'm not naturally motivated to exercise. I have to find the right classes and an instructor who is really invested in my success to stay engaged. When I met Danelia, I had fallen out of exercising for several years and was struggling to find a fitness community like the one I had left before moving states for work. Daniela got me hooked on exercise again! She's inspired me to try new routines, challenge myself and think about wellness in a holistic way. She has helped me achieve new fitness goals while educating me on proper form and technique. Daniela has helped me regain my confidence in the gym and recommit myself to healthier habits."- Katie T., UNC Faculty Governance