Autoimmune Holiday Gift Guide

Autoimmune Holiday Gift Guide

Do you ever wonder how you can support a family member or friend living with an autoimmune disease? The holidays are a great time to show you are intentional in the way you care for them. Consider these autoimmune friendly gifts for your holiday shopping.

  1. Port-and-Polish pill holder. This is a great gift for anyone that has to take medicine at multiple times a day or usually has several different pill bottles in their purse or bag. The Port-and-Polish pill holder is sleek and fashionable and even has a mirror!

  2. Healing in Motion Personal Training or Health Coaching Package. This is a great option for anyone living with an autoimmune disease that is looking to make lifestyle changes to supplement medical treatment and improve their quality of life. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

  3. Simple Bliss Spa Massage Gift Certificate. You can’t go wrong with a massage for someone with an autoimmune disease. For most autoimmuners, their body is usually in a state of hyperactivity. A massage is a great way to provide a sense of grounding and relaxation. Plus Simple Bless Spa in Raleigh, NC is just amazing!

  4. Autoimmune Paleo Cook Book by Mickey Trescott. This cookbook is a winner for sure! It helped me get start on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol, which helped me to learn a great deal about healing in my body. I high recommend this book to anyone that is living with an autoimmune disease. It is evidence that food can help heal your body without sacrificing the taste of good food!

*Please note: None of these gifts were a paid sponsorship.