Holiday Flair without the Flares

Holiday Flair without the Flares

I know you are probably already getting a lot of emails about thriving during the holidays and ways to detox after your holiday food binge. While I don’t want to give you the same information everyone else is sending you, I do want to encourage each of you to be strategic in your self-care during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving may be over but the holiday parties are just beginning. And trust me, autoimmune disease, multiple holiday parties, late nights, and sugary treats all make for a terrible holiday recipe. But you can still experience the holiday flair without the autoimmune flares this season.

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First identify what causes you stress during the holiday period. Is it the travel, the over consumption of food, or the lack of time to attend every party invite? Once you have identify your source of stress, plan how you can address that stress. Maybe it is scheduling an extra day of rest after your travel or prioritizing which holiday parties to attend instead of going to every single one. And lastly, act on those plans. Plan ahead and know how you will execute your plans for rest and self-care.

Below are my 5 strategies for experiencing the most and giving of the most yourself this holiday season. After all, what are the holidays if we can’t truly experience them while feeling like a whole person.

  1. Stay on budget. The financial stress of the holidays is more trouble than its worth. I know it is easy to feel obligated to buy everyone a special gift but going into debt during the holidays is not the best way to start your new year. I have personally experienced times where I was left without money to buy my medication in January. Instead, look for alternative and budget friendly ways to make loved one’s feel special.

    If you are looking for additional help to plan your holiday budget and make better financial decisions in 2019, contact Melissa Joy, financial advisor at Gidley, Grooms, and Associates.

  2. Practice mindfulness. Taking 5-10 minutes each day to yourself for meditation, breathing exercises, or self-reflection can add a significant amount of enjoyment back to your holiday season. I practice guided meditation with HeadSpace. I aim for 10 minutes daily but even on busy days I aim for 5 minutes of meditation. Taking a few moments to myself helps me feel centered and more present around my family and friends.

  3. Move your body. Getting a workout in amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping, planning, traveling, and hosting can seem impossible. And after a long day of being social, the last thing you want to do is get up early the next day to workout. But moving your body 10-15 minutes each day will enable your body to get through each day. Even if you are breaking a sweat, take a few minutes to mobilize and energize your body! Click HERE for a simple, body-weight exercise routine that can be done anywhere!

  4. Turmeric Ginger Tea. After any eventful day I like unwind with a cup of Turmeric Ginger Tea in coconut milk (AIP compliant) or almond milk (non-AIP compliant). Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and ginger helps calm my stomach if I had too many treats at a holiday party, oops! Sometimes I like to add a spoonful of cacao powder and it’s instantly a cup of autoimmune friendly hot-chocolate without the added sugars!

  5. Lavender Essential Oil. Quality sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself during the holidays. It is the foundation for a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season. Good sleep promotions feelings of well being, better food choices, better time management, and reduces your chances of an autoimmune flare. For my best sleep, I like to use DoTerra Lavendar Essential Oil. I add a few drops to my diffuser each night and it helps me have a sound and restful sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day!

I hope these strategies help you as much as they help me during the winter months and during the holidays. I am able to enjoy more time with friends and family instead of trying to feel better.

Let me know in the commets which strategies work best for you or if you tried any of my suggestions. Show me your autoimmune holiday strategies on social media; tag @healing_in_motion and use #thrivewithHIM.

*Please note that none of these products or services are a paid sponsorship, I simply support them and use them in my self-care.